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When it comes to finding out which trading service we should choose, there are plenty of options available in the market, right? What’s the best one? Few people know.

OKCoin provides trading services like automatic trading and tons of services for leading earning on the trades that have a lot of features it is consisted of.

Bitcoin is one of the leading digital currencies around the world for its investors who intend to earn a big percentage on their investments.

Trading is not just a challenging task, but also a huge risk-involving task this is. Here, everything is possible. Whether your trade can be extremely profitable or your investment has just been wasted now.

Nothing is certain, the most uncertain market in the world is a trading market where nobody can guarantee you certainty. Every second is uncertain and this uncertainty is the reason why beginners or newcomers hardly step into the market.

They are apprised of all the facts, frauds, and other important things of the trading market. When this is about the newcomer or one who has just started the trading, then it is going to be extremely difficult for him to stay in the market.

Because the monsters in the market won’t let them stay there. From monsters I mean to say people who are unauthorized brokers, fraudsters, and dupers.

And most people visit such desks because their way of convincing is not just adorable but also captivating. The confidence in their voice also belongs to another level which can attract any newcomer to fall into their trap.

They don’t trap in the first trade. They help those newbies in the trading and serves them good trades with higher returns they never expected.

For a little period, they continue this process, and after some time, they start convincing those newbies to invest a big amount as big trade is ongoing and I have some insights that will make you a multimillionaire guy. Once a person is always playing in profit, they don’t think a lot and invest.

Once they invest a big amount, they somehow duped them. One should never be rapacious if one is stepping into the world of Trading. Your greediness is their profit.

The more greedy you are, the greater the loss you will face in your trading future. One should be constant and intelligible, and if they are not they should hire someone who is not just authorized but also trustworthy.

Otherwise, you will always end up losing your hard-earned money. One should be smart enough, even dupers have duped experts of the trading market. Then I was talking about the newbies.

OKCoin – and innovative automatic trading bot for currency exchange.

Cryptocurrencies are the biggest digital currencies around the world and not only just the biggest digital currency but also one of the evolutionary & lucrative currencies.


To help our newcomers & beginners trade or to earn the best earnings on their investments, this platform was designed by our software professionals.

This exchange platform has advanced skills & strategies you need to exchange your assets & currencies. Here you can’t just learn about new skills & train yourself about the exchange, but can also multiply your amount in a value you can’t count.

Reliability is also one of the important factors about anything when it is about investing money somewhere. Even that’s the foremost & prioritized factor when it comes to investing our hard-earned money.

For a millionaire, it will not be a big deal to invest money & lose it in the trading. But for a middle-class guy, this is one of the biggest deals he is going to initiate with his blood & sweat income.

Therefore, it is not an easy thing for anybody to invest such an amount that he has saved in years, especially when there is a lot of uncertainty. But the best thing is how intelligent & smart we are.

You don’t have any trading skills, thus, an automated trading bot like OKCoin comes to rescue you. They rescue your money and throw away fraudsters as well as all the dupers who were going to dupe you.

OKCoin with the unprecedented computerized algorithms and its ingenious strategies will help you get the least risky & highly profitable trade where it will invest the least amount from your capital.

It will invest the least amount so that if you lose it, it will not affect you. Around 8 trades from 10 are always profitable on the OKCoin and do you know why because this robot is 0.01 seconds ahead of the market or anybody else.

Analysis of the data collected is necessary before initiating the trade. And its analytic tool is breathtaking because if this analysis will depend on the human’s team, then it requires experts of calculation because a calculator is not going to help. Thus, it is going to take a lot of time than expected.

OKCoin with its computerized algorithms & by utilizing its automatically feed expertise will place the best profitable trades for you and will barely catch you in the loss. Therefore, it is hard to lose money with OKCoin.

Even at the end of the day, you are eligible to withdraw the amount you have earned. You just need to keep a minimum capital determined by OKCoin in your trading account, and then you need nothing.

It will ready you for the trading via its Demo Trading Account that will be assigned to you through its registration process. Where you will not just be ready for the actual trade, but will also be trained with other trading skills about what to do at which time.

What types of trading does it provide?

So, you are going to get a range of trades here. Here you can find many different trading in which you can invest your money seamlessly without any fear of hackers or fraudsters and you can earn higher returns on each of your investments through its algorithms.

That’s the best exchange platform that offers you a variety of advanced kinds of trades. The traders on OKCoin can participate in margin trading, futures, place iceberg orders, trailing stop orders, and TWAPs.

Yeah, it doesn’t offer a lot of cryptocurrency assets but is one of the worthy platforms for traders to participate in such an advanced kind of trading.

You can also trade in many cryptocurrencies here with the OKCoin exchange platform such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Bitcoin Cash.

This is designed to make the trading convenient for the trader who is going to invest their money here without thinking a lot. That’s one of the faithful robots which offers you the great & impressive results you are expecting. This is the reason that’s one of the smart robots.

Regulation of OKCoin.

If you think OKCoin is regulated by any kind of financial authority, then you are wrong. It is not regulated by any financial regulatory authorities.

It’s true that it doesn’t offer its services at least in 9 countries just because of these issues of regulations. As the reviews of OKCoin are stating, the invasion of the cryptocurrency exchanges by the Chinese Government has impacted a lot on the trading of OKCoin.

It is not regulated by any of the financial authorities, this is the reason it is unable to function in almost nine countries. And the invasion has also impacted a lot on the trading at this platform.

Huobi is the main cryptocurrency exchange platform in China. Just past days before OKCoin had announced their restriction of local users as the government’s changing policy.

But for non-Chinese markets, it is still operating flawlessly. It is pondered that many Chinese Companies will go for Overseas Exchange. And these were the particular targets the Huobi & OKCoin as they were not offering anti-money laundering systems & KYC.


  • Futures & margin Trading are available here with seamless exchanges,
  • One of the futuristic & smart platforms,
  • Charges an extremely low trading fee,
  • You receive an extra perk here where you can withdraw fiat currency as well as deposit the same,
  • Provides you high level of liquidity.


  • You need to pass a verification process for withdrawal, and it can be an advantage but not all the time,
  • It does not offer a variety of crypto assets,
  • No MetaTrader Platforms are available,
  • The BTC Trading volume artificially inflated.

The security of OKCoin.

You will be stunned when I will tell you about the security managed by this exchange platform. This exchange platform is weaponized with technologies such as GSLB, distributed server clusters, divided storage, and a fast-speed memory-based trading engine.

OkCoin App

Those trading engines are all backed up in multiple machines, frosty storage locations, and hot wallets that too with offline private keys.

All this is implemented just to ensure the maximum security possible. Can somebody still hack your exchanges or any of your assets with such a level of security, only Chinese applications can provide you such security like no other?


True, it doesn’t regulate by any kind of authorized financial authority or regulatory, but it does not mean it is not a reliable exchange platform.

Each & everywhere it has proved itself that you can trust on it. We are writing about it barring no one just for the transparency about the OKCoin exchange platform for the best of our users.

And to safeguard you, your account, and your assets as well as your money on this platform, it offers you great security that you never expected from this.

OKCoin Trading.

Every exchange platform has distinctive views. So, I won’t tell you that this overview is the best. It depends on you what you determine about the OKCoin platform.

Every view will tell you a different thing, from all such reviews you need to measure or inspect what are the better terms on which you can exchange at OKCoin.

Before you are proceeding with the exchange, you should be having a look at the trading view. I am suggesting this just to let you notice that are you confident enough to proceed?

What are the trading fees at OKCoin?

Don’t stress enough a lot about it. I am here to disclose this. The entire exchange platform of OKCoin utilizes the maker & taker fee structure just to determine the applicable fee which depends on the kind of order placed.

The fees of the maker and the fees of the taker are from 0.10% to 0.20% respectively. Do you know what, there are other platforms that offer you the same fees? Those platforms are Huobi, KuCoin, and Binance.

They have also levied a spread charge when dealing in cryptocurrencies, but that’s a standard cost of a transaction that fluctuates depending on the market condition & market depth within the order book.

And those are premium users of OKCoin are going to experience discounts in such fees. If your trading volume exceeds $500M per month, then it will offer you the lowest fee 0% for the maker and 0.02% for the taker.

Deposit & withdrawal fees.

Each gateway of transaction charges different fees for depositing the amount. But the best thing is it does not levy any kind of fee when you are withdrawing from OKCoin into your bank account.

Except for SEPA & international wire transfers. When withdrawing through SEPA and international wire has a fee of Euro 1.5 and Euro 35 respectively.

Customer Support.

The users of OKCoin can contact its customer support directly through emails, via live chat service, and through telephone numbers.

They provide you guidance in your desired queries, your issues, and all of the problems you would be facing.

Ok Oci

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