FIFA and Algorand are working together to release a new NFT platform.

In conjunction with the much-anticipated World Cup, the worldwide governing body of football, FIFA, will be introducing a brand-new NFT collection platform. In continuation of the collaboration that already exists between the two organisations, the new platform will be introduced in Algorand.

Let's examine the information that the preliminary announcement that was made this week has provided us with.

The First Real Robbery Committed Against NFT by the Organization FIFA+ Collect

The platform will be known as “FIFA+ Collect,” and it will have an appearance that is similar to that of Top Shot, albeit with a few key differences. Naturally, Top Shot has made use of intellectual property from the NBA, NFL, and UFC in order to record in-game situations and then score them as NFT. According to the proceedings of the pers conference, FIFA also appears to be planning to capitalise on the significant moments of the game and combine them with “art and visuals.” According to the article, the launch of the platform is scheduled for the month of September, and its primary goals include making itself “affordable, inclusive, and accessible to all football fans.”

The Chief Business Officer of FIFA, Romy Gai, said the following in a statement that was cited in the news release:

This exciting announcement will make the FIFA Collection accessible to all football fans, democratising the ability to own a piece of the FIFA World Cup. THIS IS AN ACCESSIBLE OPPORTUNITY FOR FANS AROUND THE WORLD TO ENGAGE WITH THEIR FAVORITE PLAYERS, MOMENTS, AND MORE ON A NEW PLATFORM. JUST LIKE SPORTS MEMORABILIA AND STICKERS.”

The Algorand (ALGO) blockchain is the partner blockchain for FIFA, the largest and most powerful regulating organisation in the sport of soccer. In the latter part of this month, the two are going to launch a forthcoming NFT platform. TradingView's ALGO-USD was the original source for this.

The Most Important Game They Have Played So Far

In a timely deal, Algorand was able to snag FIFA as one of his largest partners to date in May. This partnership comes just in time for the World Cup, which will take place later this year. The Women's World Cup, which will take place in 2019, is also included in the arrangement. This event will provide the FIFA+ Collect platform with a long platform on which to build momentum. Due to the fact that 2022 is shaping up to be a somewhat slow year for the formation of new partnerships – at least in the realm of sports – it is quite evident that Blockchain has adopted a strategy that is both more specific and more limited in its approach to partnership negotiations.

Aside from FIFA, the blockchain ecosystem's other sporting properties are relatively dormant, with limited exposure to transactions in non-traditional sports like chess and drone racing. The new FIFA+ Collect platform has the potential to easily become a flagship product for NFT if it gains sufficient popularity; nevertheless, it will still face huge competition from established companies in the sports and entertainment industries.

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